MSN Labs’ Uzbekistan Office

The Uzbekistan office of MSN Labs was incorporated with its headquarters in Tashkent. This office is a fully owned subsidiary of the MSN Group of Companies and consults with the Kazakhstan office.

Healthcare Solutions and Therapeutic Services

The aim of MSN Group of Companies is mainly patient awareness, delivering accessible healthcare, affordable medication and convenient therapeutic solutions. Healthcare solutions offered at the centre in Uzbekistan are:

Current and Future Offerings

The MSN Labs at Uzbekistan has more than 18 product registrations for commercialization. While the core functions include registration and business development, this centre follows a hand-off business model. In addition, post-marketing product feedback through Patient engagement programs is sought.

As part of CSR initiatives, training programs are conducted for the distributors’ sales team.

Office Address

Avicenna impex LLC,
Babur St. 77, 10022,
Tashkent, Uzbekistan


Our ever-growing portfolio

We are extremely grateful for the wonderful family of clients and customers that we have built across the globe.