The Contract Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMs) at MSN Laboratories provide services to pharma companies looking to outsource for increased efficiency and affordable costs. Our services aids both mid and large-scale production requirement of our customers, thereby making investments more feasible for low-cost manufacturing with high-quality research. The CMO services at MSN labs are controlled substances and serialization compliant, making the group a formidable global provider with a capacity of 5 billion capsules/tablets per annum.

Over time, India has grown to be one of the key nations in manufacturing. This is owing to the consistency, quality and economic feasibility amongst global and multinational competitors. Many major players in the global market are now leveraging the strength of Indian manufacturers like the MSN group to achieve accelarated growth.

Rigorous project management is the driving force at MSN that helps us meet customer deadlines. The average time to file a DMF at MSN being 8 months and average time for a dossier development being 8 months, stand as testimonies to this fact.

Service Offerings:


When it comes to innovation, MSN Group understands the power of combining resources to achieve goals with maximum efficiency. This enables our research and development team to offer co-development of novel molecules for pharmaceutical advancement.

Custom Synthesis

We provide custom synthesis of drugs as per customers’ requirements. This is done so with precision and caution. With over 1,100 quality experts and several monitoring laboratories, inconsistencies (if any) are checked for, thereby ensuring quality and timely deliverables. We also offer flexible and feasible cost options.

Dossier development services

We like to be thorough with our production and manufacturing process by focusing on:

More importantly, when it comes to drug development, we provide dossier services with the same diligence.

Our ever-growing portfolio

We are extremely grateful for the wonderful family of clients and customers that we have built across the globe.